Course Curriculum:

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    1. Welcome to Mindset Coaching!

    2. Who's Right to Coach Mindset?

    3. How to Become More Empathetic

    4. Before You Start Coaching Mindset

    5. Mindset Myths (That Stop Action)

    6. Why do we start with general mindset training and not specific work?

    7. Results to Expect from Mindset Training

    8. Mistakes with Mindset Coaching

    9. The Best Approach to Mindset

    1. Introduction & Course Handbook

    2. Session One: Awareness

    3. Accountability

    4. Session Two: Compassion

    5. Session Three: Reassurance & Forgiveness

    6. Session Four: Gratitude / Bright Spots

    7. Session Five: Identity, Values, & Priorities

    8. Session Six: Self-Talk

    9. Session Seven: Habits

    10. Session Eight: Nonviolent Communication

    1. Introduction & First Session

    2. Second Session

    3. Third Session

    1. The Psychology and Skills of Selling Mindset

    2. Why Clients Will De-Prioritize Their Mental Game

    3. Introducing Your Mindset Coaching to Clients

    4. Suggested Pricing Structures

    5. The 4 Week Mindset Challenge

    6. The 21-Day Intensive Challenge

    7. How to Integrate Mindset Coaching into Classes

    8. Copy & Paste Mindset Posts

    1. Introduction

    2. Session Structure

    3. Questions To Help With Problem Solving

    4. Further Skills For Ongoing Mindset Coaching

    1. Additional Resources

About this course

  • $750.00
  • 35 lessons
  • Self-Paced, Start Any Time
  • Includes (3) 60-Minute 1:1 Mentor Calls (via video)
  • Lifetime Access to All Resources

Mindset Coaching

We will teach you how to help your clients become more present, productive, and positive.

An improved mindset increases our odds of success. An effective mindset means we know why we’re doing what we’re doing. In improving mindset, we’re able to bring our best effort to action.With this course, you’ll help your clients develop the necessary skills to manage stress, grow their confidence, become happier and reach their goals.


  • What is included in this course?

    Over 35 online learning modules with supporting resources. You will also receive (3) 60-minute mentoring calls with TRAC Mentor Colm O'Reilly, spread throughout the course.

  • How long does this course take?

    Expect to commit roughly +/- 10-30 minutes per lesson. We recommend carving out 2-3 hours per week of protected professional development learning time, which will allow you to complete the Mindset Coaching Course in 2-3 weeks’ time. This course is self-guided, so you are welcome to go faster or slower to suit your own schedule.

  • When does the course start?

    This course is open for enrollment year-round. You gain full access to the course material, video lessons and full curriculum the moment you register by paying with a credit card. You will be sent a special link to start booking your mentoring calls after signing-up.

  • Who has access to the course?

    Access to the online course, mentor calls, and further benefits above are granted only to the purchasing individual. Access does not transfer to any other individuals within the organization, even the owner of a gym, unless he or she purchases a separate access point. All purchases will be made available to the Purchaser only through a unique access account on the TRAC website. Sharing of any account logins or providing of access to unauthorized individuals will result in suspension of account, revocation of access and all monies will be forfeited with no refunds available. Authorized individuals include product purchaser as specified in product descriptions. This policy applies to online course access as well as all 1-1 Mentoring Calls. All authorized individuals are bound by the NDA agreements in these terms.